Oil Tank Removal in Hamden CT

Oil Tank Removal in Hamden CT

Is it time to consider an oil tank removal on your property in Hamden, CT? Then, look no further than A-1 Tankmasters to get the job done. A-1 TankMasters is proud to be a family-owned and operated company in CT. We were established in 1989, and have worked hard to become Connecticut’s number one leading fuel and oil tank experts. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and experienced. At A-1 Tankmasters, we provide our customers with complete tank removals, replacements, and installations. In case you’re not familiar, Hamden is a small town in New Haven County, Connecticut and we are proud to serve its residents year round.

Indoor Basement Tank Removal

To continue, we’d like to discuss indoor basement tank removal. How our team approaches the process for in-basement oil tank removal varies greatly on the home. In some cases, the oil tank can be removed easily in one piece. However, sometimes we find oil tanks were added onto the home, or were installed before the home was completely constructed. This process is a little different. First, we transfer the leftover oil into a separate holding tank. Then, we’ll be able to purge the lines and remove them. Once the lines are removed, then we will cut and remove the pipes. Following this, we cut the tank into smaller pieces if necessary and remove it in sections. Lastly, we seal any holes in the side of the house. It may sound complicated, but our team of professionals will make it look easy!

In-ground Tank Removal

Reasons To Remove Your Oil Tank!

Because basement oil tanks were once made poorly and installed incorrectly, premature wear and tear can happen.

  • Hazards: Even after a basement tank has been thoroughly pumped, it’s not considered empty. A clean tank always poses an environmental threat. Roughly 10-20 gallons of sludge and liquid will remain inside your tank and pose a threat if a leak happens. How full your tank is doesn’t matter, it can still leak.
  • Space: Not housing a tank will create more useable space!
  • Venting: Codes require a 2-inch venting system to allow the air to escape your tank just as fast as it is being filled. Oil trucks previously had no transfer pumps, and relied on gravity to transfer the fuel. We now have high-volume pumps, so fuel oil drivers must take measures not to over-pressurize older in-basement oil tanks. If this happened, a leak would surely occur.
  • Maintenance: A clean, fresh system means your efficiency will increase! Because you have a new tank, it is important to maintain it properly. Keep it clear of sludge deposits in the oil tank itself, the filters, screens, and all the nozzles. This will make your burner the most efficient it can be.

If you’ve decided to have your oil tank removed, then contact us today. Our team of knowledgeable technicians are ready to get started! Call us at 860-643-5134 for a free estimate. You can also check out our website for more information on the services we offer.

Oil Tank Removal in Hamden CT

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