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oil tank removal East Hampton CT, Portland CT

Trust removal of old oil tanks East Hampton CT, Portland CT to the professionals at A-1 TankMasters. When you have rusting tanks on your property, they must be removed responsibly. Oil tank removal and installation is not something you want to do yourself. It’s dangerous, complicated, and messy. Rusting tanks are surrounded with contaminated soil that can be very expensive to dispose of properly. If your oil tank has been leaking or damaged, it is important to have a professional remove the tank as soon as possible before more damage occurs.

Did you know? In Connecticut, one out of three homes still has an old oil-fired heating system that uses underground storage tanks (USTs) for fuel storage. This means there’s a good chance your home has one too. Unfortunately, these tanks are known to leak over time, causing contamination problems on-site and even worse air pollution issues in surrounding areas.

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A1 TankMasters will safely remove all of the petroleum from your property and install new Oil Tanks in Portland, CT, so that you can use the land for other purposes without worrying about contaminating water supplies or harming nearby residents through poor air quality. A-1 TankMasters work closely with local government officials to complete all necessary paperwork properly and quickly, so your project stays on schedule without delays. Our team has decades of experience working with UST removal projects and know how to make them go smoothly from start to finish.

Our team of experts provides full-service solutions, including removal, installation, and repairs on all types of tanks installed anywhere on residential or commercial properties throughout Connecticut. We also offer services such as soil testing through our CT state-certified lab. The longer you wait to call in a professional, the more costly it will become to fix any potential problems so don’t procrastinate. Contact A-1 TankMasters today for a free estimate on removing or installing an oil tank for your home or business. Get a free quote or call for information: 860-643-5134.


Oil Tanks – East Hampton CT, Portland CT – A1 TankMasters

Oil Tank Removal – East Hampton CT

oil tank removal and installation services


Trust A-1 TankMasters for oil tank removal in East Hampton CT. The crew from A-1 TankMasters will quickly and efficiently remove your above or below ground oil tanks. Whether your tanks are in your basement, or buried next to your house, we safely remove and replace tanks of all sizes. Oil tank replacement can be a messy business. It is not unusual for aging tanks to corrode, wherever they are. When your oil tank is below ground, it can leak heating oil into your soil. Heating oil spills are a hazard to the environment and must be cleaned up by experts. When A-1 TankMasters is on the scene, we safely remove contaminated soil.

When you need to install a new tank or remove an old one in eastern CT, you need a team of specialists that will work quickly while protecting the environment. Our technicians respect your property in the tank removal process. Your old oil tank is removed with care. After we remove your tank, we soil test the land and remove any contaminated soil that may be a risk. Then we replace your old tank with a brand new one, expertly installed. We offer quality tanks from Granby®, Roth®, and Highland Tank® to provide you with a quality, worry-free tank that will last for years.

A full-service company, A-1 TankMasters was established in 1989. The company is based in Manchester CT.  As Connecticut’s fuel oil tank experts, we install fuel tanks of all sizes above and below ground. We offer quality fuel tanks manufactured by Granby®, Roth®, and Highland Tank®. We also offer custom oil tank covers to protect from the elements and blend your tank into the environment. Our licensed, insured, experienced technicians provide complete tank removals, replacements and installations. Contact us at 860-838-6427.


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