A-1 TankMasters are Connecticut oil tank experts serving the Manchester CT area. We provide timely, professional tank installation and removal services throughout the state. We accommodate commercial as well as residential clientele. When you have a home heating oil tank buried in your yard, it will eventually deteriorate. When your tank rusts and seeps oil into the soil, you have an environmental hazard. Call in the experts from A-1 TankMasters. We test the soil to determine whether heating oil has seeped into the surrounding area.  Our hazmat certified technicians will remove your old tank safely. All contaminated soil in the area is also safely handled and removed.

We install in-ground and above ground fuel oil tanks of all sizes. A full-service company, A-1 TankMasters was established in 1989. The company is based in Manchester CT.  As Connecticut’s fuel oil tank experts, we install fuel tanks of all sizes above ground as well  underground. We offer quality fuel tanks manufactured by Granby®, Roth®, and Highland Tank®. We also offer custom oil tank covers to protect from the elements and blend your tank into the environment. Our licensed, insured, experienced technicians provide complete tank removals, replacements and installations. Contact us at 860-838-6427.

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