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A-1 TankMasters specializes in oil tanks Farmington CT and surrounding areas. Oil tanks are often overlooked. But dropping temperatures can greatly affect your tank’s durability, and not caring for your tank can lead to tank splits and oil spills. Depending on where the tank is located, a tank split can cost you thousands of dollars to clean up. Not to mention, it is also polluting for the environment. The smell of oil might not go away for weeks on end. Let us look at some key points that can help you keep your tank in good shape.

Understand Your Tank

It is important to keep vital information related to your tank close at hand. You can create a little document with manufacturer details and phone number. Please remember to include other details like tank model, capacity, date of purchase, and any other instructions that you will require for maintenance.

Install an Accurate Gauge

You can find a huge variety of gauges for your tank. You can opt for traditional dial and needle types or smart gauges, which can transmit data to your phone, choose the one that suits you best. It can be a little hassle to get a gauge installed on traditional tanks, but it is worth the effort as it could save you thousands in the future.

Check Tank Regularly

Most tanks are installed away from sight. It is easy to forget about them. But make sure to inspect your tank once a month. You will need to look for cracks and other stress points. Damage usually starts at the bottom of the tank.

If you do find any crack or irregularity on your tank, immediately contact a professional service provider to inspect it for you. Do not attempt to repair it yourself, and please do not delay calling the professional service; it could make things worse.

We at A1 TankMasters are specialized in all-size tank installations and removals. A-1 TankMasters offer services for single and double-wall oil tanks and deal with installations in the basement, outside, and garages. We are hazmat certified, and our team comprises experienced professionals. Call (860) 643-5134 today.


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